Perhaps my favourite kind of sex to enjoy. Nothing feels quite like a man’s cock sliding into your mouth or the feel of your cock sliding into his. Since I was a teenager I have always been turned on most from watching blowjob porn and the sight of a man cumming or especially being made to cum turns my cock to rock. Many nights I have spent searching the net for cumshots, oral creampies and group blowjobs. So.. Here is my question. If we love blowjobs so much, why then do so few guys do it well?

For me the main problem is technique. So many times I have received a blowjob from a guy professing to be the best cocksucker in town and frankly it was painful and deeply unpleasant. Feeling a guy’s teeth against my cock is not my idea of pleasure. Also many guys think it is necessary to grip the base of my cock white sucking me in oshould rder to keep me hard when in fact what makes me hard is the feeling of a soft, warm, wet mouth into which my cock can easily slide in and out.

Now to the subject of ‘Deep Throat’… Hummm. I love it as much as the next guy, however, most of the lovely nerves in my cock that give me the most pleasure as located in the head or glans of my cock, so really deep throat should be just a pleasurable aside to the main show. Really what I’m looking for in the perfect blowjob is lots of attention paid to the head of my cock, which I should point out, is very sensitive, so what I personally like is a really wet, slippery blowjob with lots of friction against my frenulum (the cord like piece of skin that connects the head to the shaft), as this is technically the male clitoris.

Hands.. I use both hands alot when I give a guy a blowjob. My ex used to call it oral masturbation. American pornstars are experts at this. Using your wet slippery hand combined with your mouth to create a warm wet tunnel for the guy’s cock to slide through. This is where I often don’t have enough saliva to wet my hands and mouth enough so I use a watery solution of Jlube (the most amazing powdered lube which has no taste or smell and does not leave a sticky residue on your hands). I like to give a combination of a slippery handjob and blowjob, twisting my hand gently around whilst moving up and down his shaft in a milking fashion which combined with the warmth of my mouth is guaranteed to make him cum.

image image image image image image imageThat’s all for now folks, I shall try to find some videos to show exactly what I’m talking about, or perhaps I will make one myself, who knows. Watch this space.

Happy Sucking!

Aaron. X