What is tantric massage? Or ‘¿Que es masasje tantricó?’. I wish I was able to write this both in Spanish and English but for now I think I’d best stick to English.

Well.. I guess it’s different for everyone and for every masseur who offers tantric massage. This is because, I believe, it is an energy, or rather the connectionimage with an energy that is far beyond what we can possibly imagine. For thousands of years we have been trying to understand why we are here, what is up there, what is our purpose in life. I am no different.

As a child I used to sit at my window and stare up at the night sky, always wondering, always questioning what is out there? Now, many years, 3 or 4 relationships, a divorce, 4 countries and a few wrinkles later, I still stare up at the night sky and I ask the very same questions. But now I feel that in a way I am beginning to receive some answers. Not so much in words, but in how I feel.

Massage for me is a way of giving and receiving loving, sensual touch to another person. To try to make them feel better in the world. It’s that simple. The very energy that I was drawn to all those years ago as a child is the very same energy that I now use during a massage. It is a way of making my client feel better, more connected with themselves, but also for me to feel more connected with myself.

Let your mind go and your body will follow.

Buenas noches mis amigos, Aaron. Xx