I fucked a guy tonight. For some of you this maybe a regular occurence, and indeed for me these days it does tend to happen more often. As I get older I do tend to be more active than passive. However, what was different is that I had the most amazing and explosive orgasm inside him. My cock pulsated as I felt the cum pump out of my balls and at the same time he himself came and I felt his prostate pumping against the head of my cock. It was amazing, beautiful, and very, very, very satisfying.

Yes, I know, this sounds like the beginning of some tackey bargin bookstore porno novel, but I’m getting to my point I assure you. So, this has only happened to me a handful of times in my adult life. For many years I was passive. Don’t get me wrong, I have fucked many guys over the recent years, but I always had trouble reaching orgasm through fucking alone. It is only in the past few years that I have managed to reach and orgasm with only the friction of a guy’s ass around my cock.

Now I do love to get fucked too. But for me, being able to pleasure another man, and to have pleasure myself is something I always wanted but in the past could never seem to achieve. In fact for many, many years I tended to focus on making my partner cum without really thinking about myself. I think what changed things for me was firstly being able to cum from a blowjob, which I love above all else, and more recently being able to cum from fucking.

Every man’s cock is different, with different areas of sensitivity (the sweet spot as I call it). For example I had a boyfriend who’s cock was much more sensitive on the sides rather than the top and bottom and he would wank holding his cock on the sides between the palms of his hands. I learned a lot about cock massage from him as I had to adjust my technique and put pressure on his shaft in different places in order to make him cum.

For me, what I have only recently realised about fucking and bringing my cock to orgasm inside a man’s ass, is that I need the angle to be lower so that my frenulum (the male clitoris which is the string like piece of tissue connecting the head to the shaft) is rubbing against his protate creating just the right amount of friction to gradually bring me to unleash by spunk.

I kept thinking about this in the taxi on the way home and I thought that perhaps if there are guys out there reading this that it might help you if you have had the same problems as I have had. Premature ejaculation is a very common issue with men, both straight and gay, however delayed ejaculation can be just as frustrating. Sure, it’s great to be able to fuck all night long, but it gets to a point where I just want to loose my load!

Perhaps it’s all about the angle as much as anything else. So boys, try pointing your cocks downwards when fucking and see if that makes you erupt in a blissful orgasm inside him. Then cuddle up and go to sleep.. Zzzzz

Happy Fucking, Aaron. Xx

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