We often talk about playing. But it seems that couples so rarely do this. My ex boyfriend (well one of my ex boyfriends) a very passionate but often quite angry guy I was with for 5 years (the details of which I shall put on the back burner for another time; without mentioning any names, dates or identifying information of course just in case you happen to be reading this darling!), taught me more about playful sex than any other man. He taught me that sex could be fun. An unplanned and delicious afternoon of relaxing sucking and stroking that may or may not lead to fucking or indeed a blissful orgasm. Just play.

Sometimes, upon returning from a shopping trip at the local Sainsburys, he would strip me naked, sit me on a kitchen chair, blindfold me with a scarf or whatever was at hand, secure my wrists behind my back and begin to slowly blow on my cock and balls. Unable to see, my heart would start beating hard in my chest as my cock hardened more and more with every gentle breath or caress. He taught me how to gently caress a man with a touch as light as a snowflake, and

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to stroke slowly from the underside of his balls all the way up to his aching helmet, sometimes using lube, sometimes just spit, the kind of thick gloopy salivia from the back of one’s throat to enable one’s fingers and palm to side effortlessly up and down and around the shaft of his penis.

Every now and then he would stop, there was no more sensation there in the darkness of my kitchen/prison cell (I would use my imagination there bound in the darkness of my scarf), and then after what seemed like an eternity, his lips on my neck, on my nipples, my feet, the inside of my thighs… And then… Eventually, his hot wet mouth around my aching shaft and a deep, strong sucking, milking action to make me finally explode, moaning and fighting against my bonds, deep in his throat… The blindfold would be finally removed and once again there was light, his face, and the taste of my cum on his mouth as he kissed me…

So… Instead of the usual Sunday afternoon fuck. Play…..

Have fun with each other, Aaron. xx