Such a simple idea.. Enjoy yourself. Feel good. Wake up everyday feeling the sun on your face and the ground under your feet. Feeling, alive and well and happy. Why is this so hard to do?

I’ve been dog sitting for 2 days. My new companion wakes up every day, has a wee, eats, yawns, enjoys the warmth of the sun on his fur, and yearns only for cuddles and company and a short walk to stretch his legs. Basically, he is happy just being himself, just to exist in his world. He is an inspiration to me.

Why do we over-complicate things in life? Sure, we are not dogs, we have to pay rent or a mortgage, organise bills, loans, food, shelter ect. But apart from that, why do we not allow ourselves to just be happy. I bet that most of us spend half our lives criticising ourselves. Why?

So, here is my confession. I have spent most of my life beating myself up. On a daily basis I ask myself questions like ‘Why am I not better educated?’, ‘Why don’t I have a husband?’, ‘Why don’t I earn more money?’, ‘Why don’t I have the perfect body?’, ‘Why don’t I have more friends?’, ‘Why am I not the perfect version of me?’……

So here is a new question for each of us.. ‘Why don’t we stop beating ourselves up and start to accept and love ourselves more?’. Why do we feel the need to be perfect versions of ourselves?

Well, in this world of airbrushing and gym memberships and seemingly perfect, flawless celebrities with their perfect houses, perfect partners, perfect lives…. it’s tough! So much pressure, especially in the gay world!image

But you know what? I think happiness is a very much undervalued commodity. Why not wake up every day and say to your reflection ‘I approve of you, I accept you, I love you.’ Wouldn’t that make everything else easier to deal with in life. Why not say ‘I choose to be positive and surround myself by positive people. I choose to no longer accept negativity in my life. I am a beautiful, amazing human being and I deserve to be loved, nurtured, encouraged, held, made love to, protected, looked after when I am ill, made to achieve orgasm and to experience bliss, made to feel good about myself, I deserve this because I am alive, because I draw breath every day. I DESERVE THIS!!!’.

So.. Here is my proposition.. Happiness.. What say you? X (Ps.. I recommend Louise Hay.. Great book! And thankyou to my dear P for his inspiration and encouragement. I think you are beautiful and amazing!)