Ok. Deep breath folks. Tonight I want to talk about Love. Four letters, many interpretations, but what does it really mean? That’s what I want to ask. So I usually shy away from this subject. 6/7 relationships, 1 divorce, 4 countries later I am by no means an expert in this matter. Currently I, like Bridget Jones, am having my most successful and satisfying relationship with a bottle of wine.

So here is my question. What happens when you meet someone who shakes you up. The one who cuts through all your bullshit and sees you clearer than you see yourself. The one who you can’t stop thinking about, who you want to make happy, who you want to smile every day. It’s scary! We think to ourselves ‘What’s happening?’, ‘Can I handle this?’, ‘What am I letting myself in for, isn’t it easier to be on my own?.’

But deep down inside there is this warm feeling, this feeling of contentment of calmness that spreads through every fiber of your being. There is a light that shines inside of you and a happiness that permeates through every pore. Someone is thinking of me, caring for me, wishing me well. It is beautiful and natural and makes us inspired, creative, connected with this earth. And most importantly we wish that person to be safe, happy, warm and just as inspired by their existence as we are.

I believe love is empathy, pure and simple. Feeling that person’s feelings, their wishes, wants, desires, fears and sadness and just wanting them to feel better, to make their life easier, to make them smile.

Most importantly of all, love is wanting that magical person whose voice makes your heart soar, to want you just as much as you want them. To want to be with you and to get lost in your arms.

So despite our fears… Isn’t life too short not to try? Why not take a leap of faith?

I wish you all love and light my dear friends. Look after each other, Aaron. Xxx