Man juice, Jizz, Spunk. Call it what you will. It is the stuff that fueled my early fantasies as a young and very curious teenager in Ireland. When I first discovered the delights of internet pornography, I was never much interested in fucking. It was the cumshot, that is what would force my balls to contract and my cock to pulsate as my fluid would shoot from my aching shaft. Watching men, the stars of those films, wanking themselves did not interest me. It was handjobs and even better blowjobs, handsfree orgasms if you like, that is what really turned me on.

I spent many nights hunting for handjob /cumshot compilations, clicking my mouse frantically with my right hand, my left hand lubed up and stroking my cock, trying not to bring myself to the point of no return. The most arousing of these short clips, the holy grail, would be the very rare double handjob resulting in the giver receiving two hot loads of cum from the men’s cocks, hot squirts of juice as the men moaned in unison. Often one would not see their faces, only their stomach muscles tightening as their cocks pulsated and pumped out squirt after squirt of jizz. I would download clips and watch them in slow motion, those beautiful arcs of fluid flying through the air. My cock is aching now as I write just thinking about it.

Blowjobs are something which I am particularly fascinated with. Both giving and receiving them. For me there is no greater joy than to feel myself release into a warm and willing mouth and to feel the wonderful almost agonizing and intense pleasure of a mouth sucking the cum from my balls. And of course, in return, to bring my lover to his point, his body writhing in pleasure and ecstasy as his load pumps deep into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat as I continue to suck greedily.

The taste of man juice is such an intense flavour. It is the taste of everything it is to be a man. It is the taste of his very being, his soul, his sweat, his chest. How I wish my lover’s mouth was clamped around my aching shaft as I write this.. Many men do not like the feel or taste of cum in their mouths I know, but for me no greater gift can be given to a man than to allow him to release into your mouth. Such intense pleasure!

That’s all for now…

Sending Love, Light and horny thoughts from Spain.

A x