When I think of the one thing that is missing with all of these many hookups that men crave is kissing. I mean proper good old fashioned kissing. Kissing with feeling, with meaning behind it. Despite how you may perceive me as a sex maniac, I actually love romance. Yes I love sex, I love having sex, I love assholes, I love cum, I love cocks, I love man sweat, I love porn, however I AM an old fashioned romantic. There I confess..

Kissing for me (whether it be on the lips, the neck, the spine, the belly, his legs, his feet, his toes, even the palm of his hand, the cheeks of his ass, or that sacred spot his perineum just between his ass and his balls) is beautiful, sensual, an expression of your love for him, a connection that has spanned centuries. Artists, Writers, Poets, and Musicians alike have been inspired by the simple human connection. It can be as gentle as a snowflake upon his skin, or deep, wet and passionate, your lips crushed together, tongues entwined as your desire grows and begins to ache in your boxers. Magical chemicals are released in our brains and our bodies flush with desire, our heart races in our chest beating hard against his and time stops… The world stops spinning in the great darkness of the universe for just a few moments….

I also like to think of it as ‘Pre-heating the oven’. Kiss your lover in the right way, ignite his desire for you, and his ass begins to open, ready to accept your…. Love… Your aching Shaft… Your Sword of Desire… Yeah.. He’ll need to be fucked hard all night long.. I kinda think of kissing and rimming in the same way. Both should be done with the same determination and desire. A desire to please your lover, to make him feel like he is the only man on earth, the only one for you.. Kiss him as if his body was the most beautiful creation on earth. Make him feel like a Prince.

So when you next meet your lover. Whether it be for the first time, or after many years. Kiss him deeply, passionatly, make him feel amazing, make his heart race and his body ache for you. Run your wet tongue all the way from the base of his spine all the way up to the back of his neck. Explore every inch of his body with your tongue, enjoy his taste, his scent.. A kiss can be more than just a kiss afterall….

Sending Love, Light, and Kisses from Spain. Aaron. X