Ok Folks.. This is a long overdue blog. During my time working as a masseur I have heard many, many accounts from clients about bad experiences. Before a massage begins, I like to sit down and have a quick chat with guys. I ask questions like ‘Have you had this kind of massage before?’, ‘Is there anywhere on your body that you don’t like to be touched or anywhere that you particularly do like being touched?’, and of course ‘Have your experiences been good or bad?’.

Unfortunatley more often than not there are tales of dissappointment. The beautiful young man with rippling muscles and a killer smile who promises the moon and the stars and delivers… Nada! And all for a costly sum! Massages in both the UK and Spain of the sensual ‘Tantric’ variety vary in price greatly. Some ‘Masseurs’ charging in excess of £150 up to £250 for one hour, and here in Spain up to €200 for what turns out to be a far from relaxing and intimate experience.

Often the so called ‘massage’ is performed on a bed, without oil of any sort, and the whole experience lasts a mere 20 mins, the ‘masseur’ having taken your cash up front and kicked you out the door as fast as you can say ‘Tickle my Tantras!’.

One client had his wallet taken, another his watch, and another his phone which he then had to pay a further £150 to get back later. These guys know full well that most clients require discretion either due to their job or their personal circumstances and that no further action will be taken as a result. Let’s face it, a married man for instance won’t want to go to the police station to report a robbery after he’s just paid a few hundred quid for a dodgy handjob!

These stories sicken me. They make me so angry because unfortunatly it tarnishes the reputation of really good Tantric Masseurs who do their job with passion, empathy, professionalism and above all respect, kindness and love. Because, for me, massage is about gentle loving touch. I try to put myself in my client’s shoes, try to imagine I am the one having that experience. How would I feel entering a stranger’s house for the first time? How would I like to be treated..

So. Please. Before going for a massage, talk to the masseur, find out what they do and how they do it. If the cost sounds too much ask them why they are charging that amount and exactly what the session consists of. And most importantly, if in doubt, pay at the end. Any professional masseur will be a good enough judge of character to know if you are genuine or not from the word go.

Look after yourselves.. Sending Love and Light from Spain, Aaron. x