In the darkness he struggled against the bonds that held his wrist, the ropes biting into his skin. The cold hard table to which he had been tied pressed against his chest, his ankles securely fastened to the legs underneath, his nostrils filled with the scent of cum and sweat. He was naked, all for the blindfold, cock ring and weights which hung from his balls swinging beneath the table as he attempted to escape before they returned.

He had no idea how many loads he had received already. He had lost count. Lost in the sensations of each cock as it pumped it’s sweet milk into his aching trembling hole. One of the men had inserted a medium sized butt plug to ensure his hole remained open. He had no idea what would come next or for how many hours he had remained hostage. A cum whore for their pleasure.

Voices came from another room. Men’s voices deep and rough. The sound of laughter, drinks being poured and the smell of cigarette smoke as it drifted in under the door of the room. He pressed his face to the cum stained wood, pushed out his tongue and licked the surface like a dog. That familiar taste of man juice made his cock ache and strain against it’s bonds, the weights pulling down on his balls that were full of cum. They had not allowed him to cum, but instead had taken it in turns to edge him throughout the ordeal, as cock after cock had fucked his greedy hole, each man moaning and yelling as he had given up his sweet load, another would take the captive’s straining cock in his mouth under the table and suck greedily, taking him deep into the back of his throat, stopping just seconds before he was able to empty his own juice and release the pressure that was forever building in his rock hard shaft.

His bare feet pressed into the cold stone floor and his ass greedily sucked down hard on the butt plug willing it to move, to somehow fuck him of it’s own accord. The sound of movement came from the other room, the door opened and there were footsteps. The men were silent except for the sound of heavy breathing. A strong muscular hand clamped around his neck holding his face to the table. Another began to gently, lightly caress his aching shaft, and a third gradually pulled at the buttplug until his clenched asshole finally released it’s grip and let go allowing the smooth wet rubber to ease it’s way out. He felt flesh instead, the smooth hardness of a cock head sliding inside, a mouth, wet and hot, enveloping his aching shaft. He moaned hard as his prostate was pounded over and over by the thick hot meat. The mans balls, full again, banged against his ass forcing the weights to swing wildly pulling ever tighter against his aching balls. As he felt his own climax approaching, the cock was removed, the mouth opened and moved away. He felt only a tongue teasing his helmet, tasting the sweet clear precum that oozed from the hole in the tip.

Silence. He waited, breathing hard, his heart beating in his chest. Then a finger slid slowly inside his well used hole. Then another and another, stretching the ring of muscle. A nozzel was inserted and thick, creamy fluid filled his ass. The man’s hand slowly moved forward opening his hole, working it’s way in. Pleasure raced through his pelvis, down his legs, through his chest. The hand moved further, inch by inch, ever onwards and inwards. Pleasure like lightening bolts of electricity shot up and down his cock and balls. The sound of wanking, hands pumping cocks all around him. His straining hole finally gave way and sucked the man’s hand inside, the knuckles twisting around against the insides. Hot warm cum hit is face, a cock slapped against his cheek and pressed his lips open, the straining head pumping a second load deep into his throat. It’s owner withdrew and the cock was replaced by another, then another each one emptying more and more delcious man juice into his mouth.

The man’s fist pounded his ass, and a slippery hand began to stoke his desperate shaft, milking him, bringing him ever closer to that point of paradise as his legs shook under the table and his muscles tightened. He cried out and his cock finally exploded shooting spurt after spurt of his hot cum far across the stone floor under the table. He breathed hard still moaning in pleasure as the man’s fist was gradually withdrawn and a familar voice, his lover’s voice in his ear.. “Happy Birthday baby”…