Cell No.10

A trickle of sweat ran down his centre of his chest as Alex laid back naked onto the tiny bed of his cell. His strong muscular legs and back bruised and bleeding from the beating he had received only an hour earlier from the Prison Warden who had been on duty that day and was particulary fond of beating the inmates with varying degrees of brutality.

How would he escape? He wondered as he stared up into the darkness of the tiny damp room. All around was the smell of sweat, of men, the pungent manly aroma filling his nostrils and causing his manhood to begin to fill with blood and rise up hardening against his hairy belly. He traced the outline of the bars that seperated his tiny cell from the next with the fingers of one hand, the other wandering down his throat, across his nipple and over his stomach muscles, now hard from endless hours of exercise and starvation.

As he began to stroke his shaft, pulling the foreskin gently, slowly, up and down over his aching head, a hand reached out from the darkness of the cell next to his and touched his fingers. Startled he reached down quickly for the thin sheet that was crumpled up by his feet at the base of his cot to cover himself, but the man’s voice came through the bars saying ‘Don’t cover yourself, I want to watch you..’. The strong muscular hand reached down to lay upon his leg, his erection only half covered by the sheet. He lay there, enjoying the warmth, the rush of the stranger’s hand on his hairy leg, his heart pumping hard in his chest, and his manhood standing tall, rock hard with excitement and anticipation.

Slowly, his mind and heart racing, he pulled back the sheet and stroked his aching balls. His hand twisted up and down his shaft. The voyeur’s hand moved to his belly, stroking the line of hair that ran down from his navel to the thick dark nest of curls that lay at the base of his long, thick penis. As the milked his cock, he longed for the feel of a hand, a mouth, an ass around him.. It had been many months trapped in this prison cell, the only pleasure solitary masturbation each night to enable him to sleep, the only spunk he had tasted was his own, licking it greedily off his fingers after each sweet release.

The man’s hand moved away and almost as if the stranger could read his thoughts, a long, thick, beautiful shaft poked it’s way though the bars just next to his face. Without a second thought he took the man in his mouth, his muscular jaw opening wide to swallow the man’s impressive tool all the way to the base, wrapping his tongue around the straining shaft, the taste of precum on his lips.

Almost instantaeously the man’s balls emptied his ample salty load deep into his throat, each spurt bigger than the next, filling his mouth, flowing out over his chin and down his neck. The man’s hand moved down and took his shaft in his hand, pumping it furiously. Alex pressed his feet into the corners of the thin, sweat stained matress, and holding onto the bars with one hand and the sides of the matress with the other moaned softly in the darkness as his cum erupted like a fountain from his helmet spraying his chest, his arms and his face.

“Thankyou”, the man wispered in the darkness, and he withdrew his hand, leaving Alex breathing deeply, he closed his eyes and allowed sleep to take him to another place in his mind, a place of freedom….