Kneeling on the cum stained matress, his cock in his hand, Alex waited patiently for the next prick to appear through the fist sized hole that had been cut into the thin wooden walls of tiny little room deep in the bowels of the building. All around the sound of sucking and moaning as men emptied their straining cocks into strangers’ eager, greedy mouths. His bearded face still wet from the previous ejaculations, he licked the cum from his lips and quietly wanked his cock, wondering what the next would look, smell and taste like?

He heard the latch click shut from the other side of the wall, an open bottle of poppers were offered through the hole. Alex breathed deeply, the smell of the chemicals filling his head, and his heart raced in his chest. What appeared through the hole, inch by inch, was the biggest dick he had ever seen. At least 12″ long and about 6″ in girth, it was amazing, it’s owner perhaps of Meditterranean extraction with light olive coloured skin and a thick nest of dark hair at the base. His balls were shaved and perfectly round.

Alex took a moment to admire this magnificent tool,this mighty rod of pleasure, before slowly running his wide pink tongue around and around the man’s full and sweaty balls, the salty taste and pungent, sweaty smell intoxicating. He had filled his belly that night with at least 15 loads from varying sized and shaped cocks, but this one he felt would produce more sweet juice than all the others put together. He lightly tickled the man’s bollocks with his finger tips as he opened his cum stained lips and took the shiny purple head into his mouth allowing it to rest for just a moment on his tongue before sucking it slowly to the back of his throat.

The sheer size of the penis meant that he could only accommodate three quarters, so he used his wet slippery hand to complete the fleshy tunnel of pleasure, determined to fully cover every delicious inch of the shaft. He sucked down greedily, at the same time twisting his fist around and up and down the shaft, in a milking fashion. The man moaned with ectasy from the other side of the wall and thrust his hips forward, pushing as much of his cock and balls through the opening.

Alex slowed his movements, teasing just the head, tickling the balls, and running his tongue around and over the man’s aching head, the taste of precum making his own cock bounce up and hit his muscled stomach. He paused for a moment, pulling away, allowing the man’s dick to dance and bounce in the air. Then taking his own member in his hands, he began wanking furiously, whilst resuming the job of milking this monster. His hand and mouth wanked, sucked and milked the beautiful glistening shaft and head and he man moaned loudly as a giant hot squirt of cum hit the back of Alex’s throat. He pumped his own cock harder as more and more cum filled his mouth and throat, his body rushing towards the point of no return until a fountain of jizz was unleashed spraying his pecs and his neck. He continued to suck, determined to drain the man to the very last drop of sweet nectar. Then slowly the man withdrew and once again there was an empty hole….