In the dark..

The night air was warm that August evening against the glistening skin of the people who filled the crowded streets. Everywhere the noise of laughter, glasses clinking, drinks poured, drunk and sometimes dropped to the tiled pavement below, smashing and splashing the ankles of those nearby with beer, wine and cocktails. Tapas bars brimming with hungry tourists and locals, spilling out into the humid, sweaty streets clutching tiny delicious snacks of meat and fish, each one securely held with a cocktail stick to prevent the sticky mess from toppling over. Everywhere the smell of the heat, life, cigarette smoke. The street clock showed the temperature was 30 degrees. It was 1.30 am and yet the heat would remain constant throughout the hot Spanish night.

Tucked back in a maze of tiny streets in the old town away from the main tourist drag, the bar, famed for it’s enormas darkroom (conveniently located upstairs beside the toilets where men washed their sweaty spent cocks after each session in the adjacent rooms) was now full. Drunk and horny from their evening of cheap drinks, their shirts open to reveal their sweaty hairy chests, the outline of their cocks visible through tight shorts and jeans, their balls full and needing to unload into a stranger’s mouth or ass. The bar filled up, the air hot and thick with the smell of sweat and aftershave, the music pumping out from speakers high above in the ceiling, and coloured lights spinning and sending a shower of tiny pools of colour cross the faces of men as they danced, drank, kissed and admired each other’s muscular bodies.

The two men that entered were clearly lovers, their hands unable to stop caressing and wandering over each other’s chests, shoulders and backs. They kissed passionately as they sat at the bar, lost in each other’s smell, one’s hand on the others ass, squeezing and wandering slowly down the back of his shorts, no doubt to probe that aching sweaty hungry man hole his cock had pounded so hard the night before. They looked around, surveying the crowd, their eyes running lustfully over the bodies, their cocks straining hard against the fabric of their shorts, their pupils growing ever wider. One had a great deal of experience, the other much less. But his lover wanted him to explore, to experience the heat, the sex, the freedom that can be had in the dark. More than anything else it was a challenge. How many loads could he take tonight? How much pleasure could his lover endure?

When the time came, he took the hand of his nervous but willing pupil and lead him up the narrow staircase. Gradually the light disappeared as they wandered down the corridor, the smell of spunk and sweat in the thick heavy atmosphere. Entering the darkest room, hand in hand, their eyes attempted to pierce the darkness. The pupil’s heart beating wildly in his chest with anticipation. A small red lightbulb, high in one corner of the ceiling, enclosed in a metal cage, the only source of light in the darkness, and all around the sounds of grunts and moans, sucking and balls slapping against eager asses.

Almost at once wandering hands reached out through the darkness. The more experienced of the two lead the way into the darkest recess of the room, where he undressed the other, then opened his shorts, his thick, meaty cock bouncing up and slapping his muscular belly. He kissed his lover passionately and took his face in his hands guiding it down towards his shaft. The man sucked greedily down taking the familiar cock deep into his hot, wet throat as his lover spat into his hand to lube up his pupils aching, hungry hole. A man approached through the darkness, he kneeled and holding his ass cheeks apart buried his tongue deep into the sweaty hole. The pupil moaned with pleasure as he sucked greedily on his lovers tool, his hole opening, ready to receive the first load of the evening.

The tongue was replaced with a long, hard shaft slowly working and pushing its way deep inside the glistening and pulsating hole. He moaned with pleasure, feeling the two cocks filling him from both ends, pumping inside him. The stranger fucked him hard, his hands tightly gripping his hips, pulling his body back onto the hot pole, impaling him on the fleshy stake. He felt the hot squirts of cum spray his insides as the man moaned and drove his load deep into his ass, holding for a second before slowly withdrawing, allowing the creamy load of man juice to ooze out and run down the insides of his legs.

His teacher lifted his face saying ‘Well done’, kissing him deeply as he held his trembling body in his arms. He knew the pupil wanted to taste the familiar spunk from his own aching shaft, but he would have to wait until later for that special treat….

Two more shadowy figures approached through the darkness. Their fingers probing the cum filled hole. Taking it in turns they fucked the pupil, their sweaty balls banging against the tender spot just beneath his prostate making his cock bounce and slap against his belly as he continued to suck the teacher’s meaty pole, using it as an anchor in the darkness, his hands holding onto the strong familiar hairy thighs. One after another the men moaned loudly as they filled his gaping hole with yet more hot cum. His ass and legs now covered in hot sticky fluid. Before anyone else could make use of his hole, the teacher led him into another room, a finger buried deep into his sticky, cum filled man hole. It was time for the second part of the challenge..

There, in the middle of the dimly lit room, stood a bench, covered with foam and leather, stained with the juice of 100 or more cocks. The teacher stripped off and lay back on the bench, his cock standing proudly up like a meaty glistening flag pole. He pulled his pupil up on top of him, facing away, his feet either side of the teacher’s hips as he guided his shaft into the wet hungry hole. He fucked him deep and slow, making sure the tip of his penis hit it’s target each time – his pupils aching pulsating prostate, wanting to keep his lover’s body in a constant state of pleasure and excitement.

From the corner of the room a tall, muscular, Spaniard approached, an enormous weapon in his hands. He smiled at the couple as they writhed together on the table, their love making uninterrupted by this presence. The teacher beckoned to the handsome man and he approached the bench. They were in the perfect position for the man to manoeuvre himself between their legs and gradually slide his 10″ cock alongside the teacher’s and penetrate the already stretched hole of the pupil as the moaned and finally gave into this double assault on his aching gaping love hole. Both the men fucked him in perfect unison, their cocks sliding together, each making the other’s harder with each stroke into the pupils arse. With a final thrust the man sprayed his load deep inside the pupil’s hole covering the teacher’s helmet that was still buried deep inside. As he pulled out, his cum poured down over the teacher’s balls, almost making him lose the precious load he was trying to save. But he was a man of experience and control, and pushing the orgasm back in his mind, he continued to fuck his pupil hard and fast, holding his body tight against his muscular chest, determined to push his body to the very brink of pleasure. He began wanking his lover’s aching, desperate cock, twisting his hand up and down the shaft, bringing his pleasure to boiling point, knowing he was desperate to unleash his spunk.. Just at that point of ecstasy he stopped, withdrew his cock from the cum filled hole, and led him to a third room… It was time for the final challenge…

A series of holes, each about 6″ in diameter lined the walls of the room. A thin mattress on the floor where one could knee whilst pleasuring a number of cocks and drinking their sweet cum. The pupil kneeled, his mouth open and ready to receive the first. His teacher had taught him well. Many nights spent sucking each other’s cocks, the teacher showing him exactly how to use his hands and mouth to drain a man’s balls dry in just a few minutes. The perfect combination of pressure, sucking, hands and lips all working like an industrial hoover, a sucking machine to empty the straining cock of it’s precious cargo. These cock’s were in for a treat, but how many could he take?

The first appeared. This time about 7 inches long and olive skinned. The pupil got to work, using the gloopy saliva created in the back of his throat to coat his hand and the man’s shaft, and sucking down all the way to the back of his throat, his hand then spiraling up and down the shaft, milking it repeatedly until the cum filled his mouth. The man moaned loudly from the other side of the wall. A second cock appeared from another hole, and once again the pupil got to work, greedily sucking and wanking the mighty pole until the cum strayed all over his mouth and ran down the inside of his chest. The teacher kissed him deeply, holding his body to his, passing the cum back and forewards between their mouths. A third and then a fourth cock appeared, this time they sucked together, in unison, draining each cock of it’s milk and then sharing it as they kissed deeply, holding each other close in the darkness.

Ten loads later, the pupil’s belly full of cum, his mouth and hands tired from the milking and his body desperate to orgasm, the challenge was over. Now it was their time. Exhausted from the night’s activities, they returned home. They lay together on a mattress on the balcony lit with candles, their own private love nest, the teacher’s cock buried in his lover’s well used hole, kissing as they made love to one another, their bodies joined together is an almost magnetic unison. And as the pupil eventually sprayed his cum all over their writhing sweaty bodies the teacher erupted moaning loudly as he finally released his own load deep inside his lover. His reward for all his hard work that evening. That night they slept in each other’s arms, beneath the stars, and dreamed of the next adventure they would share together….