I read these words tonight and I suddenly stopped and thought about how true this phrase is. For as the sun sets and the moon rises high in the night sky the previous day and all it’s contents do indeed disappear. They melt into the past and whatever has occurred does indeed melt into history. So I was thinking to myself, why do we focus so much on the past? Why do I spend so much time thinking about things that I can do nothing about, things that are by now in this instant long gone, rather than put my energy into things that can be? Afterall the present moment is the only time that we have any control over.

I was sat in a cafe this morning having my usual coffee and writing a blog about my childhood, remembering things that were so painful to recall. And I was struggling to write something positive, words of hope, my mind so consumed with memory and feelings from the past. I often remember things vividly as if a movie from that time is playing in front of my eyes. And yet tonight, as I write this and think about the phrase ‘Everyday we are new..’, I realise just how far away those times are. They are gone. Lost in the great ocean of time. All that is left is what is here right now in this time.

I guess in some ways it’s good to reflect on the past, but at the same time our energy could be put to much better use focusing on the here and now, on the future. Whats past is past. I’m really baring my soul tonight with this blog, thinking out loud. But it’s kinda nice to just simply write one’s thoughts, unprepared, to just allow the words to flow out and see where thoughts lead me.

Perhaps my words can help you, whoever you are reading this blog, I can tell you that no matter how painful those memories, that if you hold onto them it will anchor you in the past. Your mind will not be allowed to move forward and to enjoy new and better experiences. We have to let go of the past, it’s that simple. We cannot change what has happened to us, there is no magic time machine we can programme to just a few seconds before that event to enable us to change the past. But we have the power to change the future with how we think and how we feel right now. You can choose to feel good rather than bad. You can choose to forget and move on rather than remember. Life moves ever forward never back. Each new day can bring wonderful possibilities and that is our strenght, our choice, our potential and our creativity, the creativity we use each and every moment to weave the fabric of our future.

Life is what we make it. So don’t let anyone hold you back. You do whatever it is in your heart to do. Be true to yourself, believe in yourself. One of my favourite sayings I tell myself each and every day is ‘If you can see it and believe it, it’s a lot easier to achieve it’. So why not decide here and now to wake up each day and remember it is a brand new day and you have the choice to focus on good things, enjoyable things, pleasure, happiness and the freedom to choose every thought that you think for those thoughts shape your reality and paint the picture of your future.

Sending Love and Light from Spain. Buenas noches, Aaron x