When I was a kid growing up in a little fishing village in Northern Ireland in the 1980’s and early to mid 1990’s, this word is what we would have referred to as ‘faith’. I’m sure most of you with a religious background or who hold religious beliefs in adulthood understand the concept of faith. One must simple ‘believe’ that things will be ok, that a sickness will be cured, that a problem will be solved, that money will be provided, that a business will be successful, that an ‘answer’ will be given. Nowadays I call it ‘hope’, for it has been many years since I have set foot in a church, let alone knelt to say my prayers at night, and so I have to describe this concept in a different way, in a way that allows it to fit into my modern adult life in a way that seems acceptable.

I may well be getting myself into deep water here so I shan’t delve any further into the religious discussion, but instead I’ll simply tell you what I do in my own life and perhaps some of you may have done the very same thing.

You see, I do believe in positivity, in belief, in hope. Each morning I say to myself ‘I am safe in the universe and all life loves and supports me..’. This is one of Louise Hay’s beautiful, simple, yet powerful affirmations, one of my favourites which I have written in my wallet, on a tiny crumpled piece of paper, stuffed inside the outer sleeve so that each day when I pay for my morning coffee I see it and I say it to myself. And you know I think it has power because I believe in it, because I choose it to be true for me.

Everyday I hope that that day will be good to me. I hope that people will be nice and treat me kindly and with respect. I hope that I will do my job to the best of my ability and that I will be able to connect with more and more people. I hope that friends and family and loved ones will be safe and well and happy. I hope that the sun will shine and the moon will rise high in the sky and that I will sleep well, safe in the knowledge that another wonderful new day will arrive tomorrow.

This may sound silly. But it helps. That positivity helps to create more and more positivity in my life. There may only be subtle changes. For example I played to Euro Millions lottery for the first time in Spain last week and despite how much I ‘hoped’ I would win the jackpot, my numbers did not come up. But I did have two wonderful clients today for which I am very grateful.

Louise Hay talks about an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’. She says that the universe loves gratitude so whatever you have, no matter how much or how little, we should be grateful. If we are looking for a new flat as I am currently we should bless our current home with love and gratitude, for if we hate where we are now then more than likely we will hate the new home we move to. So, I try to apply this principal. I do my best, no matter what the problems and frustrations, to be grateful for where I am. I focus on what I want for the future and I ‘hope’ or perhaps it’s better to say I ‘believe’ that things will improve.

What I have found in recent years is that the more I focus on good things, the more good things I see in the world around me. Granted, this morning for example, when I was writing my blog on Depression, I seemed to be able to focus on was the negative things, because that’s what I was needed to write about, wanting to try to explain what it is like to be affected by that. But, I wanted to write something more ‘hopeful’, more ‘positive’ tonight. Because it is only through focusing on the positive things that we are able to have more positivity in our lives. So I hope this helps. Like I said before in previous blogs we all have control over our thoughts. We can choose to be positive or negative in any given situation.

So why not choose to hope for the best possible outcome….

Sending Love and Light from Spain. Aaron x