It’s been some time since I have written a blog, so I thought why not tell you a little bit about the weekend I have just shared with my wonderful boyfriend P who inspires me more than he knows.

I hope you enjoy it…
(Sending Love and Light from Spain.)

His hand melted into mine as we walked along the beach. The blue of the Mediterranean intensified by the cloudless Spanish skies above and the heat of the January Sun warming our skin. He needed to feel the sun on his skin and the sand under his feet, to escape the cold and ice of the English winter. I had not seen him since his last trip in December and his touch made my body ache to be inside him, to feel his smooth warmth sliding down over me until I was lost deep inside of him, lost inside that place of pleasure. To be separated by 1000 miles made our desire for each other grow and burn inside of us, desperate for sweet release.

Despite the many lovers who had come before, never had I felt such natural desire, such intense passion, such love. Each time our bodies came together, moving, sliding, writhing in perfect rhythm it was more beautiful and profound than the last. Time seemed to stand still, the moments of pleasure seeming to slow the spin of the earth, my aching cock buried deep inside him, his body pressed against mine and our mouths locked together, our wet tongues rolling around each other until we reached that point of no return and our bodies erupted with desire.

I now truly understand what it is to Make Love. The connection both physical and emotional burns like the brightest flame. It is beautiful, sensual, empowering. Sex becomes more than just a simple act of lust, more than a necessity, it transforms into a many layered expression of a multitude of emotions. Happiness, pleasure, love, desire, compassion, empathy, sensuality, intimacy all swirling around inside of us and around us. It is energy in it’s purest form.

That evening lying sprawled naked on a sea of soft warm blankets and cushions, candles and incense glowing around us, we drank and talked and laughed, our hands exploring each others naked bodies. I warmed up some lube and gently stroked his hole, easing a finger inside to gently stroke his prostate. He groaned with pleasure and excitement as I slipped a second finger inside. My cock stiffened and longed to be enveloped inside his silky tunnel. P laid back, his handsome face smiling and his beautiful green eyes gazing deep into mine as I knelt between his legs, my cock standing up between us glistening with lube, his ass inviting me inside. I eased myself into him and he moaned with pleasure, impaled upon my shaft, my hands holding onto his shoulders pulling him further down onto me. We rocked together by candle light and my heart felt like it would explode. I wanted to give him more, to fill his body with more love than he had ever known…

I slowly withdrew my cock, not wanting to cum yet, and replaced it with two fingers, then lubing up the rest of my hand I began to gently work open his aching, hungry hole. He took a deep sniff of poppers and easily sucked me into him. Moving slowly and carefully inside him, finding my way around inside his beautiful ass, I made my hand into a fist and rolled my knuckles around against the walls of his hole. He groaned with desire grinding his ass against my fist. After another deep sniff of poppers my fingers found there way further inside, moving slowly, carefully deeper into the tunnel and through his second opening until half my forearm was engulfed inside of him.

Overcome with pleasure, love and the intense feelings he pumped his cock and sprayed his juice all over his belly. I loved seeing my beautiful boy convulsing with such a powerful orgasm and, withdrawing slowly from inside him, I took my cock in my slippery hand and pumped my load over his adding to the hot juice of our love making. My body shaking with desire and relief I looked into his eyes and my whole body glowed with love for my beautiful boy.

I miss you baby. Te Quiero Mucho x