So I would describe myself as mostly active these days. In the past I was passive for many years and I think that the experience of being in both roles has given me a unique perspective on gay sex. Gay penetrative sex is completely different from Straight sex in that we really have to educate ourselves and learn how to have better sex through the experiences we have. Over the years and especially in my days working as an escort I picked up many tips and learned through mistakes.

As a bottom I was very conscious about being clean during sex. The knowledge that I was clean meant that I could relax more, enjoy sex more and I knew that my partner would enjoy sex more. I saw it as being a responsible bottom. Learning how to douche properly and quickly meant that I could prepare within just a few minutes and focus more on my partner.

I guess I transitioned to being mostly top after the breakup of my last longterm relationship about 4 years ago. As a top I try my best to be sensitive, caring and sensual, everything that I expected from my active partners in the past. And I assume that my passive partners would prepare properly for sex in order to avoid any messy and uncomfortable situations. However I have found that this is not the case. On occasions I have been fingering a guy during foreplay, I feel something, and I diplomatically suggest that he have a quick ‘shower’, he showers but doesn’t douche and 10 mins later it is a mess! Maybe I should be more straight forward and say ‘You need to douche’ but I just assume that guys would know to do this. But I guess if a guy has not had a lot of experience of getting fucked then perhaps he just doesn’t realise that he has to clean himself properly beforehand.

So I thought about writing a step by step guide to douching quickly and properly, I even considered making a video to demonstrate how I go about this. But thankfully a few guys on YouTube already have! So I wanted to share them with you. The first video is in German but there are subtitles available which you can turn on in the video settings at the bottom, the second uses an attachment connected to the shower but you can just as easily unscrew the shower head and use the pipe, just remember you want to water pressure to be low and Luke warm or cold and you don’t need to insert the hose into your ass, just hold it against the hole and the pressure of the water push it inside, hold the water for a moment then sit on the toilet and let it flow out. One tip I discovered is that once you have douched a few times, put some lube on your fingers and ass and insert your finger to have a feel around and check that everything is clean, it only takes a second and will make you feel more relaxed knowing that everything is clean and good to go.

Your active partner will be grateful, the sex you have will be better and there won’t be any unexpected messy surprises! I hope this blog has been useful and you all have better, cleaner more passionate and sensual sex. Aaron x